Start System 3.0
100% Safe departures

Start System 3.0
100% Safe

There is only one exact position where the trolley must be hooked to be able to start the flight.
It is technically not possible to attach the trolley in a wrong position on the cable.
Automated release pin
An automated release pin holds the trolley in its position until the green light appears, thus indicates the start possibility.
Automatic launch with electronic actuator
Small sized, high rides rate guaranteed, zero maintenance and a 100% safe departure thanks to the Twin Safe system.
Ready position sensors
The sensors verifies that the hook is connected correctly to the release pin.
Start versability
Thanks to the centralized control by using a single push-button panel,
it is possible to have a single launch or a simultaneous launch of more lines.

Safety monitoring system
Twin Safe is the automatic system
that connects all the safety devices located in both the starting and arriving platform. This innovative system allows optimum adaptation to the specific safety requirements.
The ability to distribute the intelligence of an entire safety application across multiple Twin Safe modules enables the flexible implementation of increasingly modular architectures that can be adapted effectively.
The special feature is the communication relationship with all the safety-relevant devices and its internal data preprocess.
Flight adaptability
The Start System 3.0 allows the standard flight as well as the horizontal flight.
Start System 3.0
Launch type
& weight
Usage temperature
Type of hooking
Weather conditions
Cable diameter
Electrical connection
Steel gray
Automatic with electromagnet Manual
Length: 1698 mm; Height: 289 mm
Width: 212 mm; Weight: 35 kg
Stainless steel
5 Db
-30 ÷ 50 C
Automatic coupling
Wind max 50 knots
Humidity max 100%
saline enivronment
12 ÷ 20 Ø mm
100 w/h
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