Ideal location for your Zip line installation

Ideal location for your Zip line installation

Carlo Trebo

January 9, 2023

You are planning to build a Zip line but have not yet found the ideal location, here's how!

With the help of these 9 simple guidelines, you will deepen your knowledge and experience in the field of Zip lines and, most importantly, once you have finished the article, you will have a clear idea of where to make the Zip line and make it a SUCCESSFUL attraction! 

Are you ready? Then let’s start by answering one of the most frequently asked questions on the web.

Where is it possible to build the Zip line?
The possibilities where to build the Zip line are truly endless.

Building a Zip line requires a careful choice of location in order to maximise the attraction and make it a first-class offer.With a little imagination, you can build your Zip line almost anywhere! Here we look at the various options.Zip lines can: fly over lakes, waterfalls, dams, ski slopes, the edge of a cruise ship, artificial structures, a cliff Or fly through the jungle, the forest, between the skyscrapers of a city.We at Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures GROUP Ltd like to challenge various types of environment and climate. Take a look at our experiences

In addition to this type of clientele, we have noticed the presence of numerous groups of:

Let’s look at an example together:If you build your zip line on top of a skyscraper in New York, a very attractive and already world-famous place in itself, the success of the zip line and the steps taken will most likely be assured. If, on the other hand, you build the same type of zip line in a city with fewer tourists and nothing particularly attractive in the surrounding area, the influx of people will be lower and consequently the profitability of the installation lower.

In which context is your zip line?

How to reach a zip line?
Choosing the best route to the zip line, how to do it?

Accessibility of the zip line plant is often underestimated. It is a key factor in the profitability of the activity, the number of steps and the time it takes to reach your facility.

When choosing the location of the zip line, it is important to understand and determine how you will be able to reach the facility to enjoy the experience. Here you will find the various solutions, the more the better.How can you reach your zipper line once it is built?

A zip line can be reached with:

  • ski lift;

  • funicular;

  • train;

  • wheeled transport;

  • or on foot.

What other factors influence the choice of zip line location?
The right choice of location is the first step towards a successful attraction.

When selecting the location of the zip line, ensure that your choice positively influences the following factors:

Cost of construction: to allow for a smooth installation, means of transport must have easy access to the installation site. Therefore, make sure that roads or paths are available so that you do not have to use special equipment such as spider excavators or helicopters, or in extreme cases, have to build roads from scratch. In this way you save time and money.

Logistics and plant size: it is important to minimise the time needed to get to the zip line plant in order to achieve a greater number of passes and more. Your facility must be sized so that you can guarantee the experience without long waits. E.g. if your zip line is in the immediate vicinity of a ski lift, you will have a greater flow of customers than a zip line that can only be reached by car, so the size of the zip line must be designed with one or more lines, quickly flowing so as to allow frequent passes without long waits.

Specific calculations: carrying out a zip line project requires specific calculations. It is not smart to build a zip line of 3 lines with a maximum capacity of 180 persons/hour, if you can only carry 50 persons/hour. The solution in this case is to opt for a 1-line zip line.

Design of the structure: the more difficult it is to reach the location, the more it will be necessary to resize the structure to be transported by special vehicles, this entails additional costs and time.

Customer accessibility: if the route runs alongside a cable car, the customer can arrive directly at the starting point.

Facility management: if your facility is easily and quickly accessible, you save time for routine and extraordinary maintenance

Customer targeting: if your location is highly frequented by tourists, the price of the zip line ride will also be higher

Visibility of the installation: placing the zip line installation in a strategic and well-visible spot is a plus point for indirect advertising, since in this way you can increase passages without major marketing actions.

Profitability: an ideal location will bring you more turnover. E.g. Imagine you make an installation in the middle of the jungle and there will be no one to see people flying from one point to another, when the activity takes place there will be no advertising return because no one will be able to see it. If, on the other hand, we fly over a busy ski slope, all the skiers will see the zip line participants flying over their heads and they will be enticed to try it too.

Now do a self-assessment of your location. Check that your location does not aggravate any of the factors mentioned.

How to evaluate the technical characteristics of the zip line?
The feasibility of your zip line system depends on its technical characteristics.

Once you have selected your location, it is essential to identify the starting and finishing points by conducting a proper technical assessment. In this way you will be able to design your installation correctly and above all make it safe. But how do you do this? Make an initial self-assessment with the help of our slope graph, checking that your line is manageable according to the available braking space.

Then consult an expert for personal technical support and have a thorough feasibility study prepared (technical document to present your idea to interested parties and authorities) This analysis is necessary to determine the contour of the ground line, arrival/departure tower requirements, and cable lowering to ensure that each line is designed with an optimal slope and adequate space for passengers. In this way, you will have an ideal and safest Zip line compliance result. Not too fast and not too slow, of the right length and cadence.

Need help? Contact us for personal technical support!

Is the start of the zip line as important as the finish?
Carefully choose the arrival and departure of your Zip line.

If the START of the line is located in an ideal place, but the arrival is in a remote and difficult to reach location, you run the risk that once the experience is over, the customer will be disappointed by the final scenario and the difficulty of returning. A good solution would be to create a link from point A to point B and opt for a different arrival point. You could, for example, connect the top of a mountain visited by a high number of tourists, easily accessible by cable car/foot or car with the centre of the village.

Now you have a clear and strategic location in mind for the start and finish of your Zip line!

Ideal weather conditions for the Zip line
Choose the ideal zip line location according to the surrounding climate.

Have you selected a location that fully reflects all the factors mentioned above, but have doubts about the climatic conditions of the environment?

The climate of the environment where the zip line is built must enjoy ideal weather conditions so that the activity can be enjoyed for as many months of the year as possible and entice customers to enjoy the experience. Customers are not likely to zip line in extreme weather conditions.Places subject to strong wind, fog, rain and freezing temperatures are therefore strongly discouraged.

Author: @Klausberg AG

Choice of location, constraints and authorisations:
The construction of a zip line requires authorisations, which vary depending on the specific project and location.
Usually the most beautiful and picturesque areas are also the most protected. How do you get this kind of information? What constraints and authorisations do you have on your zip line location?
  • inform yourself about overflying and landing on land and their ownership (private, municipality, province or state property);

  • contact your lawyer to draw up an overflight contract with the owners of the land ;

  • check construction permits with the local authorities;

  • have any obstacles in the path of the zip line (e.g. power lines) reported in advance;

  • consult other local authorities related to the detection of obstacles for air navigation .

Security and certification of the zip line:

Design your zip line and make it secure. Remember that security comes first, without security your zip line will not be successful. But how? Carefully and carefully choose partners for the components, material and equipment of your attraction. Rely on globally recognised certification bodies.Our zip lines are personally built by Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures GROUP Ltd. Tested and certified by: TÜV SUD, IFT, RINA to ensure maximum safety in full compliance with legal requirements.

Author: @Klausberg AG

Our experience:
Our experience has enabled us to cope successfully with all weather conditions and various types of locations.

Here we are, we have come to the conclusion. We have mentioned all the key steps to show you how to find the ideal location to make your zip line a successful attraction.

So remember to choose carefully:

a suggestive and special place;easily accessible;with a backdrop/panorama of a waterfall, lake, city, pyramids, jungle or forest;that reflects ideal climatic conditions;that perfectly matches the technical characteristics;that complies with all authorisations and constraints;that is located in an area of tourist influx, assessing the target audience.

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