nesselwang alpspitzkick zipline in winter



In the Allgäu region in Germany, Adrenaline Constructions built the first Zipline to be certified by the IFT (the Institute for Technological Development in Stuttgart) as compliant with EU regulations for cable-based people-transportation systems.

The Zipline operates in both summer and winter, and offers stunning views of the surrounding Alpine mountains. The spectacular Alpspitzbahn Zipline in Nesselwang is the longest in Germany: the two sections have a combined length of 1.2 kilometers. Riders can achieve the extraordinary speed of 120 km/h. The departure is at approximately 1500 meters above sea level, very close to the summit of Alpspitze.

Put on helmet, special goggles and safety harness and ride down to the bottom valley in an thrilling flight. A ride in complete safety: the powerful self-adjusting magnetic brake by Adrenaline Constructions handles people weighing up to 130 kilos, and automatically regulates the rider’s speed.

Place Nesselwang (Germany)
Certification EU legislation for transport of persons on cableways
Opening 08/23/2013
Zipline number 2
Stations number 3
Stations altitude 1.474 meters a.s.l. (Station 1) 1.411 meters a.s.l. (Station 2)
Gradient Zipline 1 (medium) 62 meters (16%)
Stations altitude Line 2 1.411 meters a.s.l. (Station 2)  1.191 meters a.s.l. (Station 3)
Gradient Zipline 2 (medium) 217 meters (27,50%)
Zipline 1 length 390 meters
Zipline 2 length 820 meters
Suspension cable diameter 15 mm
Signage cable diameter 12 mm