zipline parco majella abruzzo



This Zipline is part of an ambitious project to create leading tourist attractions for the village of Pacentro at the edge of the Majella National Park. With the Zipline now open, the number of visitors is expected to triple. The tourism sector and the whole economy of this village in Abruzzo will definitely benefit from the opening of the only Zipline in central Italy.

Site inspections were essential to identify the best location for the new Zipline in the municipality of Pacentro. The planning phase involved the execution of numerous 3D renderings to show stakeholders how the attraction will be developed and how it will look like when finished.

Construction works began in March 2018 and were completed in October 2018, in record time. The first step was the construction of the bases for the departure and arrival platforms. Next, with the aid of a helicopter, we installed the cable – almost a kilometer long. In addition to a considerable distance between platforms, there’s also a substantial height difference, which we are sure will please thrill-seekers!

The natural setting of the Majella National Park.

The Majella Park covers more than 74,000 hectares in the provinces of Pescara, L’Aquila and Chieti. It’s renowned for its amazing biodiversity of flora and fauna: more than 2,100 plant species 150 different animals species can be spotted. As well as numerous attractions for nature enthusiasts, keen trekkers can follow demanding routes into the wild mountains to reach the centre of the park: the Majella massif.

To safeguard this incredible natural heritage, Adrenaline Constructions works as much as possible with local suppliers so as to minimize the environmental cost of material transportation. Platforms and all the support constructions were designed with a low environmental impact right from the outset. Harmonious integration with the surrounding natural environment is always a priority. We have worked hard to make sure that the wonders of the Majella National Park are enhanced by our Zipline.

With the construction works done, the Zipline officially opened in June 2019 for the first tourists to fly. We’re sure that the ‘angel flight‘ in Pacentro will be a thrilling experience in this area of extraordinary natural beauty in central Italy.
We look forward to showing you the Majella National Park from the unique viewpoint of the Zipline Majella!

Place Pacentro (Italy)
Opening 01/06/2019
Stations altitude 778 meters a.s.l. (starting) 665 meters a.s.l. (arrival)
Length 992 meters
Height difference (average slope) 112 meters (11,35%)
Max speed 80 km/h
Suspension cable diameter 15 mm
Signage cable diameter 14 mm