Two riders flying zipline desert middle east



A Zipline is a great tourist attraction for creating a brand-new place of interest. Our successful project in the Middle East is proof that a Zipline can draw tourists even to desert areas.

Adrenaline Constructions built the Middle East’s longest Zipline in the desert, over a natural amphitheatre. An ultra high-tech metal cable more than 700 meters long allows tourists to admire the scenery at dawn and sunset. And – why not – at night too! We can assure you that flying down a Zipline while marvelling at the mountains and the modern cities far away on the plain is an incredible sensation.

The considerable height difference makes it extra-thrilling: riders of the Zipline fly down a steep incline to finish with a smooth landing.

For maximum customization we developed the project in collaboration with the manager of the whole tourist area. This is why we decided to build two parallel Ziplines of the same length. The Ziplines use the same departure and arrival platform, so that visitors in pairs or groups can experience the euphoria of a flight side by side.

Our Ziplines are designed and built to withstand the high temperatures found in Middle Eastern deserts. Cables, magnetic brakes and pulleys are tested for frequent use, and require very little maintenance even in conditions of extreme heat and sand.

The Zipline blends harmoniously with the environment and flies over a natural amphitheatre. The arena created by the hills has become a real theatre: it is not uncommon to see live events and performances as you ride overhead on the Zipline. Other activities offered, such as mini-quads, mountain bikes, climbing walls and off-roading, transform this desert venue into a vast adventure park, a fantastic trip for anyone who loves intense excitement.

Place Middle East
Opening 2016
Ziplines 2
Stations altitude Line 1 684 meters a.s.l. (starting) 639 meters a.s.l. (arrival)
Length Line 1 400  meters
Height difference (average slope) Line 1 44,08 meters (11%)
Stations altitude Line 2 639 meters a.s.l. (starting) 608 meters a.s.l. (arrival)
Length Line 2 265 meters
Height difference (average slope) Line 2 31 meters (11%)
Average speed 70 km/h
Suspension cable diameter 12 mm
Signage cable diameter 10 mm