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MSC Seaside is one of the largest cruise ships ever built in Italy: 323 meters long with a tonnage of 160,000 GT, it can truly be considered the jewel of the MSC Cruises fleet. When MSC Seaside was launched in 2017, it revolutionized the architecture and construction of cruise ships, as well as the technology and entertainment on board.

We are proud to have been chosen for a challenging project: adding even more magnificence to this extraordinary giant ship that sails the Caribbean seas. Therefore we planned, designed and built the longest and steepest Zipline ever installed on board a cruise ship – at the time of launch.

MSC Seaside’s record has been subsequently broken only by another Adrenaline Constructions project: the Zipline on MSC Seaview, brand-new sister ship launched in 2018.

The challenge between us and the deep blue sea

Constructing MSC Seaside’s Zipline has been perhaps our most difficult challenge to date, because the ship is constantly in use and a large number of passengers are on board. Therefore the need to have minimal maintenance despite the high frequency of rides.

Regarding the engineering aspects, we had to consider the ship’s natural undulating movement, which we tested virtually and in our workshop on land. Furthermore, all the components had to be designed for a marine environment, therefore having to withstand the corrosive effects of salt.

We made a revolution in the technologies used and logistics. We increased capacity developing a new system for recovering flight equipment, thus avoiding having to carry it manually from the end to the start of the Zipline. We shortened downtimes by speeding up equipment recovery and avoided cluttering decks on board.

Another forward-thinking idea is the installation of our automation system, which increases the Zipline’s efficiency and avoids human error.

This is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects we have ‘launched’. Thanks to our work, passengers on MSC Seaside can ride the Zipline while at sea.

“It was a pleasure to work with Adrenaline Constructions and achieve a historic result: the first and longest Zipline over the sea! We’re proud to have chosen this serious, professional Italian company to create a new concept of entertainment on board of MSC cruise ships.
The project was extremely demanding, but Carlo Trebo, Samuel Miano and their team worked tirelessly. It was great to see such attention to detail in design and execution, and their strive to ensure that everything ran perfectly!

After months of work on tight deadlines, we had the pleasure of testing the Ziplines over the sea. What a joy to discover we had absolutely nailed all the goals we had discussed years before!
We were very impressed with their reliability, punctuality, technical expertise and dedication to the work.”

Mimmo Lubrano

New Building Project Manager
MSC Crociere

Zipline number 2 parallel
Inauguration 11/2017
Length 106,4 meters
Height difference (average gradient) 9,94 meters (9,34%)
Max speed 45 km/h
Flights per hour 60 persons (per cable)