We believe each Zipline is unique, and we always customize every single project. We offer a wide range of optional services and devices to make your Zipline even more attractive and unique.

An overview of all the optional extras that we can add to your Zipline to give your customers an unparalleled experience.


A state-of-the-art system for automatic management of the Zipline: monitors the wear of the components, provides constant remote assistance, speeds up ordinary operation and guarantees safety and exceptional performance at all times.

Traffic light system

This device uses LED lights to prevent premature departure or collisions between riders: the traffic light only turns green when all the safety measures are activated, efficiently helping the operator and reducing risks of human error.

Electric and hydraulic platform

The rider is always hooked on a cable higher than the arrival platform, to prevent accidental collisions. Therefore we constructed a system to simplify the detachment operation. The electric-hydraulic lifting platform is built into the floor of the station and is raised by a push button activated by the operator. Once the detachment operation is complete, the platform sinks back down into the floor.

Cable tensioning kit

We provide easily adjustable hooks and clamps for tensioning cables. The cable tensioning kit is extremely useful to reduce running and maintenance costs.

On ride camera

A system of cameras placed at strategic points to take fantastic high quality shots which riders can buy as an unforgettable souvenir of their flight. The professional SLR cameras used operate in any weather, thanks to special protective covers.

Video surveillance

A system of webcams to monitor the Zipline 24 hours a day. Technologically advanced video cameras guarantee excellent night vision. Thermal imaging makes it possible to detect people even in the dark.

Streaming the webcams will be a great promotional tool. Customers can preview the Zipline experience and check weather conditions directly from your website.

People counter

How many people ride your Zipline each day? How frequently are specific monitoring and maintenance operations carried out? The people counter allows us to monitor the numbers on your Zipline and offer you our full service assistance: we’ll let you know when it’s time for maintenance.

Weather station

Platforms can be equipped with weather stations to measure wind speed and keep an eye on all weather alert parameters. The weather station prevents issues caused by adverse weather conditions, thus minimizing the risks and increasing overall safety.

Connecting platforms

We offer two different solutions. Fiber optic cables placed on the signal cable allow data and electricity to be transported without effort. Electric cables built into the signal cable can supply energy to all the stations in the circuit, even those without electricity in the most inaccessible areas.

Photovoltaic system

Platforms can be completely independent of electricity supply thanks to our photovoltaic systems. When the sun isn’t shining, battery packs make the platform autonomous for 48 hours.

Skywalk floor

With Adrenaline Constructions excitement continues even at the end of the ride: the floors of the platforms can be made of a transparent material for a skywalk effect. Visitors will experience the thrill of walking suspended above the ground.


We offer the optional installation of laser lighting: the light beam follows the course of the Zipline from top to bottom, giving an amazing scenic effect. Laser lightning is spectacular and a great promotion tool: perfect to draw attention from afar.

Night lighting

Want to increase the productivity of your Zipline? Adding a lighting system will extend operating hours of the park, offering thrilling night flights. Your customers will have the chance to fly under the moon and the stars, making your Zipline an irresistible attraction.

Equipment collection boxes

Perfect for the rapid recovery of pulleys, harnesses and helmets. The operators at the arrival station load the equipment into the boxes, which are then winched back up to the departure point along the Zipline cable.

Articulated arm

The simple, innovative system to manage all the Zipline’s technical and logistical operations. Easily manageable, the operator will be able to keep the controls within reach at all time, without interfering with other tasks.

Remote assistance

We provide technical off site support with the most reliable technologies. A prompt service to ensure perfect functioning at all times and fast and accurate maintenance operations.

Special effects

We work hard to make every Zipline unique. Optional extras include water screens for visual projections of images and videos, and tunnels to fly through. The only limit is your imagination!



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