bmw urban zipline in milan rider launch



BMW pushes the boundaries of conventional advertising and moves into adrenaline-fuelled marketing. The famous car manufacturer organized a promotional event in Milan, Italy, to launch its new BMW X1. BMW made the headlines thanks to the urban Zip line we installed right in the center of Milan, near the Central Station.

We built two departure towers 15 meters high and two arrival towers 2 meters high, all using certified framework. We then connected the platforms with high-capacity load-bearing cables, galvanized and anti-twist. This is the most recent example of using of movable structures to install a Zip line for an event, with the use of movable structures.

The result was an extremely spectacular launch which involved thousands of visitors. We personally handled hundreds riders every day, and countless photos and videos where shared daily on the web. It was a lot of media attention, proving that a Zip line can turn an event into an unforgettable experience for the audience: your product will certainly be remembered!

“We worked with Adrenaline Constructions on an extremely ambitious project: building a Zip line to the center of Milan for the launch of the new BMW X1.
Despite the very short deadlines, we found a highly professional team: great collaborators, who ensured everything was ready on time.
The event went on for a whole week and in that time more than 2,300 people were able to fly above Milan! The Adrenaline staff were tireless and always smiling. In short, BMW Urban Zip line was a challenge we tackled together and a fabulous experience”.

Marta Marini
Project Manager App Eventi Srl

Place Milan (Italy)
Departure towers number 2
Departure towers height 15 meters
Arrival towers number 2
Arrival towers height 5 meters
Towers size 6×6 meters
Suspension cables High tensile galvanized steel, antitwist
Signalling cables To link the accompanying devices to the platform